Extra small rectangle tray available in grey or black
It can be used for many practical things, it is especially suitable in the bathroom for soap dispenser, jewelry and much more. It's great in combination with multi square small and small rectangular small, that fits perfectly to the ground. This combination can be used for toothpaste, toothpaste, cotton swabs and much more. While it looks great, the ground also protects your worktop from dirt and stains. You can of course also use the rectangular tray to organize in the kitchen, office or candles and other decorations. The tray is made of PUR rubber, also known as polyurethane, a plastic fabric with many rubber properties. The tray can withstand up to +120 degrees and -40 degrees. The tray is easy to clean and withstands the dishwasher.

It is incredibly difficult to work with polyurethane colour. The material is coloured twice and the colours may vary slightly from time to time, even though they have the exact same color code. Therefore, you should be aware that this little difference can not be advertised, which may occur in the colour.
Size - 9x18cm
Square holder sold seperate