Ssh Candle

I am so excited to show you this collaboration we have been working on with our maven Caroline from Blended Aromas. Caroline & I have developed a special candle that is a reminder to stop and take some time for yourself. Life can be so busy and one of my favourite things to do is just light a candle to unwind at the end of a busy day.

I have learnt so much about candles from Caroline over the past few months and was horrified to hear that burning most candles we buy puts highly toxic substances into our atmosphere called benzene and toluene. These two substances are known carcinogens. I would not let someone smoke or run a diesel car in my house, so why would I burn a toxic candle there?

Caroline also only uses essential oils in her candles rather than perfume as obvious to her and not so much to me, we actually breathe this all in when are burning candles. Her valid argument is that she would not pay for an aromatherapy massage if I knew my therapist was using harsh chemicals mixed with perfumes. I too value my skin and my lungs. This was all like a huge awakening for me, I have burnt expensive high street designer candles for years without taking much notice of what is in them.

The smell of Caroline's might not be as intense as a synthetic shop bought candle, but it will have all the therapeutic properties of essential oils.


It’s soy wax blended with:
Lemongrass - antibacterial properties & helps to soothe headaches.
Juniper - helps with anxiety & relaxational properties on brain when inhaled.
Geranium - uplift mood, promote emotional wellness.
Frankincense - aids with respiration.
Patchouli - helps to relieve depression.
Petit grain - uplifting 
Grapefruit - increases mental focus.
Mandarin - helps with nausea.
Vetiver- helps with anxious feelings.




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