Gentlemen's Candles

This splendid collection of natural candles for the Gentlemen's den are a perfect mixture of masculinity and nostalgia. Scents that are woody, fresh, spicy, subtle like casual colognes for your home. Each candle is packaged in a travel-friendly British made small paint tin.

A woody oriental heart on a refreshing citrus base, featuring amber and smokey wood scents will make your living room smell like your favorite cologne through its warming fresh and smooth scent.
Leather bound books and precious woods mingling with notes of campfire smoke. Top notes of leather and birch wood meet middle notes of amber and base notes of sandalwood balanced out with subtle smells of lavender. A sophisticated scent for a unique fragrance character and instant ambiance.
Sunlight falling softly in a forest glade, releasing a woody musky aroma softening with notes of creamy vanilla. Reminiscent of airy mountains, silvery lakes and silent forests. Warm and woody perfect for cosy refined moments.