Hayley Southwood is a serial and often accidental entrepreneur.


Losing her mum to cancer when they were both far too young was crushing for Hayley and in a moment of madness she bought an ice cream van from eBay in an attempt to create her own bubble of happiness to escape the sadness.
With no marketing budget, Hayley taught herself about social media. She hit Twitter in a big way and was an early embracer of Instagram.The business grew by word of mouth driven by her ever growing social media presence. Over an 18 month period Mrs Scoops and her Vintage Ice Cream Van were featured in over 100 publications including YOU magazine and Country Homes.


After 3 years of dedication to the business, not only did Hayley feel emotionally better she wanted her weekends back to spend more time with her husband and her rapidly growing boys.
Hayley teamed up with photographer Shaneen Rosewarne Cox, who she had met through Vintage Scoops, to create a new inspirational blog ‘Breathe Happiness’ which was an instant success. Having both lost their mums at early ages, they are true believers that life really is too short to be unhappy and wanted to use this platform to encourage women to take risks in order to live the life you want.


The blog gave Hayley the platform to explore her passion for styling and a love of the creative world. So, with the support of her readers, Hayley soon decided to curate a collection of quirky home-wares and clothing that you couldn't find on the high street.
Southwood Stores launched in August 2013 closely followed by GRAY, her in house clothing line designed to celebrate women and integral life moments. Hayley is truly passionate about Southwood Stores and falls in love with every piece she stocks. Suppliers are mainly hardworking, small, independent businesses and when you buy something from Southwood Stores, you genuinely feel like you are supporting a community.


Southwood Stores continues to grow and moved to new premises in 2016, which enables Hayley to empower women to drive their own successes through a series of workshops and events. Hayley started her business journey with no money, no background in Marketing or PR, she simply launched her business with passion.


Southwood Social Hub offers Social Media one-to-one lessons in the new showroom as well as an exciting program of events which bring women in business together to not only have some fun and essential downtime, but to learn from each other in a laid back and gorgeous environment.


With Hayley the passion is infectious and she certainly has enough to go around - Be a part of it!